Pick A Celebrity

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A fun party conversation that can be a bit of a game to play is to discuss what celebrities, living or dead, people might want to see in a celebrity sex tape scandal. It can be fun to discuss how each celebrity might be in bed based on what we see of them in the media. More than likely, everyone is completely wrong in their assumptions, but it can lead to an interesting discussion. Which celebrities appear to be really sweet and innocent and probably only have sex with the lights off? Which celebrities are most likely to be into something kinky or even deviant? Which celebrities might have sexual issues?

It can be really enjoyable to speculate about people and what they might be like in bed, even if it’s not always a particularly nice thing to do to talk about people behind their backs. With celebrities though, it isn’t as though they will ever find out about the discussion and have their feelings hurt. Most people do talk about celebrities as if they know them personally because most people do feel that they are very familiar with people who are in the media a lot.

People talk about celebrities as if they are friends with them. They feel they know a lot about celebrities. It sometimes doesn’t really sink in that we only know what we’re allowed to see publicly, and none of us really know what any of them are really like in private. It’s probably safe to assume that the public persona isn’t a complete picture of what a celebrity is really like in behind closed doors in their private life. To some extent, we’re no different than celebrities when it comes to showing one certain persona in public and another in private. In fact, most people have a work persona, a family persona, a private persona, a sex persona and many other different aspects of our personality that we share or don’t share depending on where we are and who we’re with.