Real or Fake

16.07.11 / Chelsea Handler, Sex Tape / Author: David Frasier
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Back in 2010 it was rumored that author, talk show host, comedian, actress and host of E! Entertainment series, Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler made a Sex tape.

The Sex Tape is a VHS and is over 10 years old according online sources. It was created after Chelsea moved to Los Angeles from her home town in New Jersey. It was suppose to be a demo of her stand-up routine. But it included a clip of the young Ms Handler and some very graphic sex. The scene is in Chelsea’s bedroom where she’s seen naked on all fours having what appears to be fucking a male partner who spoke with a British accent. Handler has stated that the comedic demo-tape was made using an already recorded on VHS. It was purely by accident that it was sex. She went further to say the tape was a joke that she showed a birthday parties. So the question is if it is a fake sex tape and used just for publicity why would any young girl think that getting naked and simulating a sex scene would be a way to get positive attention.

Although old T.V. sitcoms like Benny Hill might take an interest it is more like making way to be part of the Hollywood casting couch. If it is really an accidental taping over sex she made copies didn’t she screen it before it went out to clubs and agents? And finally why would she show this to friends at birthday parties? Granted she is a hot blond with long legs but not everyone wants to see two people fucking while they eat cake. So from fake sex videos to E is a huge leap in 10 years. Like female news anchors the competition is huge, everyone but the networks wants the one in the cat bird seat to fail so they can have their chance. So maybe the casting couch, getting notice by being naked and fucking works.


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