How To Talk About Yourself

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profileWhile it is very true that the world of free sex online is a wide and very fun place there are a lot of things that people need to keep in mind to have a good and safe time. One of the very best things to remember is to learn to talk about yourself in the best possible way. People looking do want to get to know you, and let’s face it we all want to talk about ourselves to a certain degree, but it’s how we do so that’s important.

Probably the best thing to learn when trying to procure free sex through your conversation and typing-and really lots of positioning yourself for free sex online is about what we type back and forth to someone, or have typed in our personal or profile-is about what not to say. It is as bad form to brag about specific skills as it is conquests, it is dangerous to discuss the specifics of your job or the place you live, and talking about friends online to the point where you give out screen names or emails is a big no-no in the dating arena, a sexual one of not. And yes, even thought this is free sex you are after and free sex that is being offered, we don’t need to be filthy pigs about it and have our language reflect this.

Since this is free sex we are about, free sex we are looking for, people expect us and want to act playful and funny…though typed humor can be a very tricky thing. Everybody knows what free sex is all about, and even those people just dipping their toe into the water of causal encounters what to tread lightly over a good time, easy going population of people who speak about themselves in a fun way. Really erring on the side of a positive humorous approach in your free sex procurement will see you reap big dividends


Is Free Good?

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These days we are pretty much getting free porno whenever we want it. Whether or not what we are downloading-that’s really the way we are mostly getting our free porno-is just as good as DVD’s we pay for is immaterial since they way we are watching our dirty movies mainly is off of streaming free downloads. But truly, in most cases, the free porno we are getting is really pretty much up to snuff…or at least as up as we need it to be.

free porno

In very few cases porn companies are putting heaps of cash into productions. But these DVD’s they produce, while selling well in most cases, are not their usual fare. The companies that make pornos nowadays are fully aware of how much free porno is out there and how most people are enjoying them almost exclusively. They know that for someone to go out and buy a DVD these days that DVD would have to indeed be a movie of the highest quality and high quality doesn’t much matter in the face of free porno. Yes, people do buy the higher quality movie, but for the most part would only do so every now and again.

Mainly it is free porno people know, free porno people want and free porno, of whatever quality, people will continue to go for. Free porno has all the usual action, the stars, the kinks and present it all in pretty much the same way we get the action, stars and kinks, save for those very few instances where a high-quality porno might sneak in.


The face of porno has changed so drastically with the digital age that porn companies both bemoan and champion the online world of free porno downloads. It is a strange business for the makers but a wonderfully free open one for the watchers. In the end no one really knows how it will all shake out in the end, but the audience is benefitting greatly as they get what they want, high quality or not, for free.


Hard to Handle

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When it comes to the internet and free porn, the situations that can ensue are positively endless. Ever since the internet started bringing free porn into so many homes across the world on a daily basis, the consequences of such a thing have been forever growing. With more exposure to anything, people become more bold and blase. People have definitely become more tolerant over the past few years of many sexual behaviors, thanks in large part to the internet. And they have also become more at ease with partaking in behaviors they once wouldn’t have given a thought to. Such is the case when men engage in masturbation sessions on camera while watching free porn. It is a whole setup that is more and more often becoming quite addictive. Many men no longer seem capable of merely masturbating by themselves.

MasturbationA lot of stunning free porn comes courtesy of webcams these days. Merely becoming aroused by still photos or even some professionally produced films is so twenty years ago. Nowadays people want to see their peers, someone they identify with, the person next door or down the street. The whole concept of voyeurism has exploded thanks to the free porn internet revolution. And men in particular have become bold about their masturbation habits. They love getting off by watching other regular men or women masturbating on camera. Watching such things so many times often makes them more comfortable with the idea, so eventually they wind up disrobing and turning on their webcam, too. And that is how a sexual addiction begins.

Some men absolutely cannot masturbate without having their webcam turned on. It sometimes becomes a regular nightly show with people expecting them nude on camera at a certain time. The compliments and cheers only urge them on more. They gradually lose any idea of what it is like to jerk off alone in bed. Whereas they used to be the ones watching the free porn, now they have become someone else’s favorite show.


Rekindling Her Fire

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Free sex onlineA lot of guys try to turn to free sex online when their sexual relationship with their partner isn’t going the way they would like. While this temporary fix may provide some instant gratification, the nagging bit of guilt that will ensue can sometimes make it difficult to enjoy these extra-curricular activities. Even as we’re meeting others, we may be wondering deep down inside if there is anything that we can do to fix the problem at home so that we don’t have to resort to this. A lot of guys love having additional partners, but many of us would be just as happy or even happier if our sex life at home was more than adequate to keep us occupied.

So what’s a guy to do? Well there is no easy, quick fix to resolving sex and intimacy issues at home. The good news is that a lot of times these things can be fixed it just may require some effort. One possible start would be to go to couples therapy or intimacy counseling together if the lady is willing. Having a neutral party as a referee of sorts and someone to guide the discussion down a productive path is often quite helpful in making both parties see where they are responsible and how they can work together and separately to fix the problems.

Whether the lady is willing to go to therapy or not, there are some things a guy can do to rekindle those loving feelings. First of all, pay attention to her in a completely non-sexual manner. Do everything with the motivation of reconnecting and without a sexual agenda. Women can see the sneaky sex agenda coming from a mile away, guys – we’re not fooling them. Being completely sincere about simply wanting to connection emotionally, spiritually and mentally will help her to feel more comfortable, more confident in the relationship and more likely to want physical and eventually sexual contact as well.


The Right Look

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StripperEveryone has different ideas of what’s sexy. From lingerie to sex acts to body types to clothing, everyone on earth has a slightly different take on what’s sexy and what is a turn on for them. Sexy is a very individual thing. Even in adult videos, there are all different types of women, lingerie, settings and sex acts because everyone wants something different even in their porn.

It’s funny for women – no matter what they wear, some guy somewhere will find them really attractive. The type of men differs usually, depending on the look. Women sometimes throw on what they consider casual clothing and go out to run errands and suddenly men are coming on to them like crazy. It’s totally unexpected for the lady who feels like she’s not looking her best at that moment, but a lot of guys find that particular look very sexy. Those men tend to be a little more laid back and down to earth – the jeans and t-shirt type of guy who is most comfortable in a more casual setting. When a woman is dressed up in her finest little black dress, she’ll attract guys who tend toward more upscale events – the martini bar type who looks for dates for corporate events.

Even with lingerie, there tends to be certain types of guys that like certain types of looks. Some guys love seeing a woman in silk, floor length gown reminiscent of starlets from the 1940’s. Some guys love seeing a woman in cute cotton panties and a skin-tight tank top. Some guys like leather and some like lace. Some guys like the stripper look – super high heeled shows with a thong. Yet other men revel in skin and a nice perfume, and they prefer the lady simply take off her clothes and confidently show herself off to him. Luckily for everyone on earth, there are all different types of people with all different preferences so we can all find something that works for us.


Acting Out

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Chelsea handler sexIt is quaint to recall that there was a time not so long ago when the idea of viewing someone else’s sex tape was unheard of. Frankly, even making a sex tape was not something that was on most people’s radars. Video cameras have been around for decades now, but the idea of turning the lens onto sexual acts was never something that truly caught on in the mainstream until the past fifteen years or so. Celebrities, as always, led the way. People like to always knock celebs as being a bunch of out-of-touch jackasses who falsely think they are more advanced than everyone else, but sometimes the self-impressed celebrity is actually onto something that the average man or woman in the heartland has not thought of yet. A sex tape is one of those things. And nowadays, when a bunch of friends or acquaintances get together to watch a celebrity sex tape, their very own sex party sometimes ensues.

There is no denying that watching the Chelsea Handler sex tape, for example, is a very stimulating experience, certainly by yourself, but when others are involved it can reach a whole new level of erotic tension. You or your friends might start getting very aroused by such a sex tape. Certain factors may influence whether the bunch of you decide to randomly get frisky amongst yourselves. Alcohol is the main culprit; it loosens inhibitions and may make some people especially amorous. It may sound funny, but whether it is winter or summer also can affect if a sex party ensues. Skimpier clothing is both easier to come off and, on a man, more revealing of erections. Finally, you must consider the setting. Viewing such a thing at work certainly is not going to result in a sex party. You need to be in someone’s comfortable home. Ideally in the summer. With everyone in bathing suits. While drinking alcohol. If all those factors come together while viewing a sex tape, your own sex party just might happen.


We All Do It

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The topics of adult videos and sex are both things that can be kind of controversial in some groups. A lot of people watch porn, but a lot of people don’t like to actually admit it. Most people enjoy sex, but they often try to act indifferent. Even if confronted with a situation where it’s totally out in the open, such as some sort of sex scandal involving a celebrity or politician, a lot of people will still try to deny that they have any interest in such a thing at all. It seems odd that people will try to deny something like that even in the face of incontrovertible evidence, but it happens all the time. Politicians have been practically caught in the act of doing something sexual and still tried to deny that it actually happened.


The problem is that sex is so taboo in our society, in spite of the fact that most everyone is either having it, thinking about having it or trying to have it. For something that is so high on most people’s list of priorities or goals, it seems awfully ridiculous that so many people try to deny its importance. Why are so many people ashamed to discuss something that is so sought after by most people? Of course it’s a private act so details need not be discussed publicly, but people should be able to at least admit that they have an interest or enjoy it. When we stop making sex so taboo and uncomfortable, there will be a lot less sneaking around by people who feel that they can’t be open about their sexuality or their sexual interests. A little bit of freedom and less judgment and shame when it comes to sex would create a healthier emotional environment for most people. Sexual shame can lead to depression and other more serious mental illnesses and sometimes even a sense of isolation if the person feels that they’re being singled out.


Make Your Own Movie

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Homemade sex tapeSomething that is becoming more and more popular among couples everywhere is to make their own sex tape. For some, this simply means setting up a camera in the bedroom and having at it. Some of these homemade XXX videos are pretty hot, as one can see from watching clips on any amateur porn website.

There is something really incredibly hot about watching real people just like ourselves or our neighbors have amateur sex. Porn stars are gorgeous, of course, and they’re always wonderful to watch. Celebrity sex tapes are super hot, and most people are thrilled when they hear about a celebrity sex scandal becoming available on the internet. Seeing real people who are in love or simply in lust adds a whole new element to any sexy video though. There is more emotion and emotional connection in a video made by a real couple that has a history together. That kind of connection really adds to the sexiness of amateur videos.

Another option that a lot of couples are enjoying is the opportunity to do a professional style video shoot in a studio. Many porn studios are offering this option to couples who simply want to immortalize themselves on film. This is a great way to capture the love and heat of a relationship, and it gives couples a great memory as well as a hot movie to watch a little later in life when they want to rekindle the heat between them or simply remember how hot they were. At some studios, the couple can book a porn star to do the movie with them. Whether it’s just the couple or not, it’s a very sensual experience. Spending the day with a couple of camera men, a makeup person and a director can feel very decadent. Since feeling decadent can add to the sexiness of the situation, this can make the whole scene even more exciting, especially if the couple has a little bit of exhibitionist in them.


Pick A Celebrity

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A fun party conversation that can be a bit of a game to play is to discuss what celebrities, living or dead, people might want to see in a celebrity sex tape scandal. It can be fun to discuss how each celebrity might be in bed based on what we see of them in the media. More than likely, everyone is completely wrong in their assumptions, but it can lead to an interesting discussion. Which celebrities appear to be really sweet and innocent and probably only have sex with the lights off? Which celebrities are most likely to be into something kinky or even deviant? Which celebrities might have sexual issues?

It can be really enjoyable to speculate about people and what they might be like in bed, even if it’s not always a particularly nice thing to do to talk about people behind their backs. With celebrities though, it isn’t as though they will ever find out about the discussion and have their feelings hurt. Most people do talk about celebrities as if they know them personally because most people do feel that they are very familiar with people who are in the media a lot.

People talk about celebrities as if they are friends with them. They feel they know a lot about celebrities. It sometimes doesn’t really sink in that we only know what we’re allowed to see publicly, and none of us really know what any of them are really like in private. It’s probably safe to assume that the public persona isn’t a complete picture of what a celebrity is really like in behind closed doors in their private life. To some extent, we’re no different than celebrities when it comes to showing one certain persona in public and another in private. In fact, most people have a work persona, a family persona, a private persona, a sex persona and many other different aspects of our personality that we share or don’t share depending on where we are and who we’re with.


Is It Real?

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SexThere are a lot of guys who join online adult personals hoping to find great partners for sex and XXX dating. Meeting people online, whether it’s through dating and sex websites or social networking sites can be a little bit difficult sometimes. Not everyone the internet is telling the truth about who they are or what they’re looking for. There are men pretending to be women because women have an easier time getting people to instant message with them. There are people who are already involved in a relationship and are simply looking for cybersex, but they tell the people they contact that they are looking for a real, in person relationship.

Everyone has their own agenda when online, and unfortunately not everyone is completely honest and forthright about what they seek. The other big problem with the XXX dating sites is that a lot of the women’s profiles belong to women who have porn sites or live cam sites with paid memberships. There are also a lot of escorts and professional ladies who post profiles on those sites. While escorts and professionals provide a valuable service to a lot of people, it’s not what many guys are looking for, and the profiles don’t always make it completely obvious that the lady is an escort and not a lady looking for sex partners for free sex.

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